How to Change your Twitter Username

Twitter is the one of the most fastest and popular social network, more over it is micro blog. You can Send tweets to your followers and you get tweets from whom you are following. All we know we have our unique Username (Twitter Handle) for our profile. We always mention it as @username (ex: @imacify).  Most sites don’t allow users to change the username but twitter do. If you created a twitter profile username while creating account and you are not satisfied or thinking to change the username without loosing your followers. There is a way to change it simply. Let me guide you, How to Change the Twitter Username.

How To Choose Twitter Username

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How to Change the Twitter Handle (Username)

Step 1:

First Login to your Twitter account with your Login details and Click on ‘Your Username’ which is in Top Right side on the Black Banner. and Select ‘Settings’ from the list.

Twitter Settings

Step 2:

Clicking the settings you will be taken to Settings page of your twitter account. Now you can see NAME, USERNAME, EMAIL and more. You just edit the USERNAME text box with your New Twitter Username. Twitter will show it is available or not.

Twitter Username

If your new username is available, Just click ‘SAVE’ button which is in the bottom of the page. Now your username is changed without loosing your Followers. If anyone search with the old username in Google or Twitter, they will get 404 error. So avoiding this, We recommend you to create a new twitter account with your old username using the same email id and Post tweet about your change of Twitter username and Add your new twitter name in the description.

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