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Customer support is crucial to the success of any e-business, and it is one of the toughest challenges websites face. It’s only natural that when a Web visitor looks for a product online, they will also want to receive live support through the website. Making this interaction successful is highly important and can contribute to a company’s goals in many aspects, especially with sales.

VeriShow, a Web-based live support and online collaboration tool, makes this process easy and effective for Web-visitors and online customer support representatives. Businesses can communicate with customers by text, audio and video. A whole set of apps can be used to share content in real-time, for example, in order to show product images and videos to customers. These apps include:

  • Document sharing – for sharing content such as product images, documents (PDFs), and videos.
  • Screen sharing – for showing anything that is visible on screen, for example, to provide assistance.
  • Second camera input – for a live video feed, in order to show a real product for example.
  • Text chat translator – A chat application that automatically translates the text to the user’s chosen language, allowing the business to communicate with customers who speak other languages.
  • Form filling app – For assisting customers with form-filling in real time and signing forms electronically.

VeriShow’s main menu, showing the applications that the website representative can use to provide live support and sales
Being Web-based, VeriShow doesn’t require users to install any software. In order to start providing customers with real-time support, a company can simply embed the platform’s call button into the desired Web page. Once the customer visits the page they can click the button and start interacting with the website representative immediately.

VeriShow’s multimedia live support can be tried out for free.

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