Invoicera Review: A Invoicing App for All Businesses

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Who would ever have thought that something as uninteresting as creating invoices—for that matter anything business related—would become a gratifying task? We believe financial record keeping should be trouble-free, quick, (and perhaps even fun), but still detailed enough to gratify your accountant and for that billing process should be simple.  Invoicera is such application which fulfills the above needs and is one of the most stunning financial tools right now—and it’s all on the web!

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Why Invoicera is best among other available billing apps?

Invoicera is an online invoicing service that accommodate you a dazzling accomplishment to online invoicing which makes your invoicing more precise. Invoicera is really good and so very simple in using the interface which accommodates professional looking invoices. With the help of Invoicera you can create invoices quickly with in few minutes.

The entire limelight of this web app is on building things simpler that before when it comes to the creation of invoices, but also to make them look more professional and making the whole process a bit more efficient. Invoicera provides an option of scheduling your invoices which other similar apps don’t. Scheduling of your invoice to be sent on specific date and time can be carved out. It would be sent automatically on the set date & time without any complexity. This will make your workload lighter. Invoicera also gives you the option to charge late fees from the defaulters. It is just one click away and you can add late fee charges in the invoice and get paid in either percentage terms or in a fixed amount

Application Usability and Interface

The Invoicera takes a new clever approach to online invoicing. It’s beautiful and simple-to-use interface makes producing professional looking invoices a very pleasant experience. The simple interface avoids the unnecessary features which are more typical of desktop software, making it a viable, easy to use solution for many small businesses with limited technical knowledge. One need not know much about the mechanics of the application and no prior knowledge of software coding is required. It is a simple application which can be set up in a short time and one can start using it immediately.

Invoicera Operational Efficiency

Invoicera modernize your whole invoicing process, from estimate submission to time tracking, to expense invoicing, to authentic invoice payment and monitor.

  • It has a fully integrated time tracker – an essential for most Virtual Assistants.
  • For your regular Clients, you can purely computerize invoice generation. Construct the profile one time (i.e. invoice frequency, amount etc) and Invoicera will diligently send it out for you.
  • You can create estimates. Upon Client approval, you can convert them into invoices, hassle free.

Invoicera’s on the whole invoicing process is very good. A lot of the non-value added actions in invoicing have already been computerized. This results to a very lean, Streamlined Workflow!

Some of the Striking Features of Invoicera

1. Multiple languages and currency support: It helps in creating and sending invoices to your clients in their respective currency and language. Invoices in 11 languages can be created for your individual clients from all across the world. This will make your clients comfortable with meaningful and accurate invoices.

2. Multiple payment gateways: With Invoicera, this will let your clients pay through PayPal,, Google Checkout and various other popular online payment gateways giving you convenient options. There are 20 global payment gateways supported by Invoicera, which gives the customers a privilege to select their compatible way of payment.

3. Time tracking: Time tracking solution is amazing. It helps you to keep a track of time spent on each specific project and lets you keep a frequent check on every task performed. This ensures how your work is progressing regardless of time boundaries.

4. Expense tracking: To keep a track of all your projects expenses effortlessly and accurately, Invoicera provides expense tracking .In invoice, the entire expenses of your specific project will be added to allow you to get paid in full. By importing your expenses in your Invoicera’s account, you will be able to know about your business profitability and whether it is up to date or not.

5. Customized Invoice Template: To make sure your business identity is reflected and represented through the invoices received by your clients, professionally multiple designed templates have been provided. For those who are not that much technically sound to customize their template, for those Invoicera has come up with a Template Customization Service, with which you can get your invoice/estimate template customized by their experts as per your requirements.

6. Invoicera with Google apps: If you are a user of Google apps, then using Invoicera will create many benefits here. The application can easily be accessed through Google apps with single sign in process and further utilizing Invoicera with single Google sub-domain.

7. Customer Support: This is another advantage of using Invoicera for an Invoicing service. Invoicera provides proper support and backup wherever their client requires. You also know the importance of providing efficient backup to your clients so as to make a long-term relation with them and Invoicera is best at this thing.

8. Referral Program: With Invoicera’s Referral Program, you can earn 25% recurring commission for life time by simply getting your friends or to your business contacts to sign up for the Invoicera’s paid subscription.

Final Words about Invoicera

Overall Invoicera is an outstanding online invoicing + time tracking and makes a sterling effort at making invoicing process a lot simpler and faster. It’s a great product with great customer support – something a lot of online applications are missing and is a very proficient web-based business accounting package that’s fit for many types of small business owners. It is, though, greatly clear and swift, in spite of offering users a lot of control and features. If you are looking for a well constructed and simple to use online invoicing tool then we would inspire you to give Invoicera try.

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