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Are you the one who loves being the DJ at parties? Do you think you’ve got all the answers when it comes to politics or sports? Now you can show off your talents to your friends, and create live broadcasts or pre-recorded radio shows using Spreaker.

This new service offers the chance to create and share personal audio content with ease. One of the most innovative features of Spreaker’s service is its DJ console, that requires no downloading and allows you to mix audio with special effects to personalize your own radio show or podcast with flair.  Thanks to its intuitive interface you can add tracks and sound effects from the available online music library, which contains thousands of tracks of indie music, creative commons, and emerging artists that can all be used in programs and playlists.

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Its social elements make Spreaker a unique platform, combining a real radio experience with social network interactivity and user participation. Users have the power to create, and thanks to these social elements, can interact with each other easily and without any restrictions.

Once you sign up, you can broadcast live with just one click, and start your new experience as a host. To become an integrated member of the community, and know what’s going on the platform, Spreaker also gives you the chance to check out a list of popular online radio shows  right on the  homepage.

The service is completely free, so you can create your account in a few seconds (or login with Facebook), and start using all of the available features. It also provides a Gold package for those who want to be just a bit more professional. With Spreaker anyone can be a radio host or a DJ, and talk about news, culture, music, and  communicate ideas with people who have the same passions as you do!

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