NSA recommends users to quit Windows XP

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The National Security Agency (NSA) is advising Windows XP users to upgrade to either Windows Vista or Windows 7 and recommends to choose 64-bit version of windows. We at Tech2hell wholeheartedly agree.

The NSA’s releases 10-page document “Best Practice for Securing a Home Network”

Grab the PDF Version of the Document: Click Here

Surprisingly, Linux is not mentioned in this document, Here is the advice of NSA:

Migrate to a Modern OS and Hardware Platform
Both Windows 7 and Vista provide substantial security enhancements over earlier Windows workstation operating systems such as XP. Many of these security features are enabled by default and help prevent many common attack vectors. In addition, implementing the 64-bit mode of the OS on a 64-bit hardware platform substantially increases the effort of an adversary to attain a system or root compromise. For any Windows-based OS, verify that Windows Update is configured to provide updates automatically.

Now a days Windows Vista and Windows 7 are used by 35% of users all over the world, Windows XP occupies 53% of market share. Windows XP is a decade-old operating system.

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