Google Wallet announced – Pay from your Phone

Google has announced Wallet, What is it?

Google Wallet is a way that you can make payments using smartphones and get rid of cash all the time. Google Wallet works with MasterCard accounts, it’s designed to work with MasterCard’s already established PayPass system. Google Wallet is you can pay using smartphone and tap it to a PayPass reader to purchase items, the money will be taken directly from our card account, so we don’t need Credit Card needed for purchase anymore. Google for try out it limited this feature only to New York and San Francisco and it only works with Sprint’s Nexux S 4G phone and in coming months it will support more Android phones. Google Wallet supports only Citi MasterCard and Google Prepaid cards now, soon it will support more cards. Google give discounts and special offers while using Google Wallet.

According to Engadget Google will make all people to use Google Wallet for all kinds of payments like traveling, tickets for sport events and more.

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