7 tips to get your adsense account approved

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With the change in the guidelines for producing high quality contents and ensuring that the Adwords advertisers have high quality publishers, Google has made this compulsory and have turned, somewhat more biased and stringent towards users (especially Asian) that you need to really work hard to get your adsense account. Adsense account applications are not being reviewed by Google bots, but by real human beings that you need to have your application prepared really well. There are also high chances for getting an application rejected easily these days.

Check out here for some good tips on how to get your adsense application approved,

1. Wait for six months:

You need to wait for at least six months before you apply for an adsense account, strictly try only after six months after you initiated a new blog or website. During this time, ensure that you can write enough in your blog to have sufficient contents. This is because getting your adsense approved in the first instance is much easier than in reattempts. In this first six months, see to that the first six months you write mostly killer articles, this need not be brilliant posts.

2. Never publish copied contents:

Despite giving due credit to the contents that you are using, it is better to do a good research and write a unique content that will be one hundred percent clearing the copyscape to be credited as an unique content. If you can do this and have all your contents published this way in the first six months, you will be benefitted of getting your adsense account approved and also will be able to drive more traffic to your webpage.

3. Drive more traffic:

This is necessary that you do everything and work harder and smarter on your website to get your website more and more traffic. This is easy to get your application approved, if you could drive at the least 300 unique visitors daily to your website. This means that you need to promote your website efficiently and effectively.

4. Have a profile and your photo:

Have a small profile describing more about you and your job, with a photo of yours in the site to make your adsense approval easy, for this means that you are ensuring to the reviewer of your application about your genuinity. Also use an email id that has your real name while applying for adsense, which will increase the chances of your adsense application being approved.

5. Fill up the application form correctly:

Take time to complete the application form correctly as it is highly important. If possible, print the form out, fill it up and check, and recheck the form correctly, so that you get your Google Adsense application accepted at the first instance. Proof read your application for names, spelling errors, blank spaces, website URL addresses being correctly specified, and that the information on the registration form is genuine.

6. Make your site easy to navigate:

Google, especially if you are in the Asian country, has decided to find one or the other reason to reject your adsense application. Despite this, if you want an adsense account desperately, and then do the following to your website. Make your website easy to navigate and less cluttered, so that it is easy to view all the pages. You can avoid this excuse for your Adsense application rejection.

7. Re-apply after one month of rejection:

If your application gets rejected at the first instance, then wait for one more month, meanwhile you write interesting posts on your website, and reapply but they will take more time to review your application.

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