YouTube founders buy Delicious from Yahoo

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Delicious the popular service founded in 2003, enabled people to bookmark websites, tag them and discover new sites from other people who tags and shares. It is one of the content sharing service of ‘Web 2.0’ like Flickr and Digg, But in 2005 yahoo bought Delicious. Now YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen bought Delicious from Yahoo.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s company, AVOS will be the new owner of the Delicious and Yahoo has promised to keep Delicious Up and working until July.

Yahoo Says,

They will turn over public and private bookmarks and user information to AVOS when the change is complete and AVOS will re-launch Delicious shortly after. (Source:

Existing users will be asked for permission to have their data transfered to the new owner’s servers, or they will have  the option to export their data if they want to leave the Delicious.

In AVOS’ press release, Yahoo’s John Matheny says that

Yahoo chose Hurley and Chen to take over Delicious “based on their passion and unique vision” for the service — the money was probably good, too.

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