Opera launches new Webmail service – My Opera Mail

Opera has launched a new web based email service named MY OPERA MAIL, we all know My Opera have Photos, Blogs, Friends and Bookmarks features, now Mail added to this features. My Opera Mail from the company’s acquisition of email provider Fastmail.fm. Opera offers My Opera, Opera Link or Opera unite account users to access email service by using the same username and password. Their username will be added as email id in @myopera.com. They can access the Email site through https://mail.opera.com. Even if you dont have My opera account you can get new one from that link.

Lets talk about the Email service interface, The interface is really optimized for any device because it have so clean interface. So you can access your email from your a tablet, a mobile phone, a desktop or a laptop. My Opera Mail is now public beta releases so there may be bug here and there but like modern webmail services, My Opera Mail have extensive use of AJAX to speed up the mailing experience and also have ‘Conversation View‘ like Gmail, so we can see the messages in thread and grouped in single page.

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We tested few minutes in My Opera Mail interface, it designed well, but it don’t have unique feature to extract users who uses other mail services. even it wont be a Gmail killer, its just an another Email web service for Opera fans.

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