Nokia publishes Symbian source code

The Symbian mobile operating system was created by British company Symbian Ltd and bought by Nokia in 2008 for €264 million, at the time of purchase its major share holders consisted of  Ericsson, Nokia ,Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Matsushita.

After the Symbian Foundation’s website went down. Now Nokia publishes the latest version of the Symbian platform’s source code available to its development partners, Now most files available and the rest planned for publication in the coming weeks because Nokia recently shifted primary Os towards Windows Phone 7.

In a post on the Symbian website, Nokia says it is

“making the latest version of the Symbian platform’s source code available to our platform development partners” and that the Symbian Foundation has been replaced by “an open and direct model from Nokia.”

You will need to register with Nokia to gain access to the Source files, but they probably most of them take interest in Symbian apps developing anymore.

Nokia has also announced that they will no longer refer to the system software as Symbian ^3 or Symbian^4, instead it will just remain Symbian with continued platform updates being supplied to both partners and customers.

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