Acer changes its Logo

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Acer CEO J.T. Wang has taken his first step in transforming his company, its starts from New logo. Yes, its changed its logo from dark green to light green with new font.

Acer Said in a Statement:

“In Acer’s 35-year history, we have changed our corporate logo several times. Each time, it was to face new challenges in a different stage of our development. The last time was in 2001, when we spun-off our contract manufacturing business to focus on our brand business,”

Above Acer’s New logo looks fresh and clean one, not only does it have a new shade of green, but the font type has been tweaked as well. Acer havve light green color in its new logo bcoz not more companies have this color in their logo, Most companies have logos with blue or red, but still Acer choose this color. So it is a unique move for Acer to make perfect branding and marketing.

Extra information:  Acer had Purple Logo before the dark green logo.

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