5 iPad Blogging Applications

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With the availability of new blogging applications this is best that you can now blog on the go and with the convenience of your iPad, anytime and anywhere, you will not be losing your time in blogging. You can always update and complete your blogging tasks by using some of the friendly blogging applications that are exclusively made for blogging using your iPad.

1. Splitbrowser:

If you are finding hard to use tabbed browsing only and cannot open more than one window at a single time, then this is the perfect application that will provide you with a solution that you wouldn’t thought of.

Using Split browser, you can open two windows or web pages at a single instance, and there is a division bar which will also allow you to resize the pages to portrait or landscape views. This way you can increase the use of productivity of your iPad for blogging and the best things about this application is that these web pages keeps track of the history of the pages viewed.

Download: Split Browser


2. TweetDeck:

This application has its origin to the Twitter application on your iPad, which makes this possible to tweeting and receive tweets on updated and latest information for you to be the first to post blogs on the latest information. Twitter is the platform for fresh news that every blogger relies on. Some of the noteworthy features of Twitter that are accountable by this software will include the capability to multi account, increase the page views, user-friendly and the buttons has been resized for easy to tap-input instructions and commands.

Download: Tweetdeck


3. Multitask:

As the name suggests this application for blogging using your iPad is inherently a multitasker that can do many things at a single moment. This is the blogging application that you would be looking for instantaneous posting of blogs, as soon as you can hear of the latest news and happenings. Using this application, you can do many things at a single instance like, posting blogs, capability to check your RSS feeds and Twitter time line. All these incredible features come for a price of $1, which is worth the money spent.

Download: Multitask


4. Early Edition:

Early edition is the application that will keep you organized on updating with recent editions on the latest news for a price of $5. This application not only makes reading using your online RSS reader easier, but also helps you to get organized by categorizing the news under different categories, besides also archives the news and also allows you to email or share the link via Twitter.

Download: Early Edition


5. Word Press:

This is one of the major, most popular and most widely used blogging platform. This iPad application allows doing the following using word press, which will also include features besides posting blogs, like posting pictures and links, moderating comments and create new entries anytime and anywhere. As this application comes for no cost, you can keep track of your of your blogging work wherever you go and there are also rumors in the market that this application is sooner expected to be released as a fully featured version.

Download: WordPress

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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