Google Chrome gets New Logo

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Two weeks before, discussions are going around web, whether Google was planning to change their Google Chrome logo to a more simplistic design. Now the Rumors and Expectations are going to be True. Yes, Google Confirms New Simplistic Design for Chrome Logo.

Today Google has been announced that they are now going to start publishing the new logo design. The people using the developer builds of Chrome will see pop up in browser. In Google blog they have mentioned “Google redesigned because to show the true meaning behind Chrome, the new logo express the Chrome spirit — to make the web quicker, lighter, and easier for all. The design looks cleaner and seems to follow the Chrome idea of making things simple. As same Chromium gets new logo.

I was confused, whether I like the new logo or not. On the one side, I was a big fan of the old 3D logo. On the other side, the new 2D one seems much simple, cleaner, and could go well with the perception of the browser.

What you think about new logo design? Share your Comments.

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