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First of all I like to say some words about Quanik. Quanik is the Non Profit organization which started by the initiative of Bloggermint and Fellow Pro Bloggers. They are dedicated to educate people about blogging and self employment.

As now they started a program named “TALENT BLOGGERS“, This program is for who loves blogging but they cant afford the prices of Domain and Web hosting services. Its really a good initiative to help those little and New bloggers to shine over the Bloggers world.

If you are blogger used to blog under Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or more and cant able to own domain and web hosting. Just Participate in Quanik Talent Bloggers program. They are ready to give hands to lift you up. It may change your life totally.. Why cant you give a try?

Terms and Conditions for Talent Bloggers

1. You must be an Indian (After some months we may also accept foreign nationalities)

2. You should not own any web hosting or top level domain (.com, .net etc.,)

3. You must provide your valid blog URL. Your blog must be at least 2 months old to become eligible for talent bloggers program

4. You must have a valid social profile like FB, Twitter or any other

5. You must clearly state your interests towards blogging

6. You must clearly mention your blog nichie.

7. No porn or Adult stuffs is allowed

8. Copying contents from other blogs must be avoided

9. Provided blog must be updated on regular basis.

10. The domain ownership will be with Quanik for the first. After one year you can get the domain transferred from us.

11. There is no restriction for your earnings; you can use your advertising network to make money for your work. We don’t ask for any revenue sharing.

12. Only files related to blog must be uploaded to server. Unnecessary files should not be uploaded.

13. Since we offer free domain and hosting. If we found any misuse of domain or web hosting you will be banned from Quanik

14. You must add “Powered by Quanik” Text link to the footer and it should not be removed at any cost till the completion of first year.

15. If your application is rejected, you can re-apply for the next month

Follow this Link to Participate in TALENT BLOGGERS PROGRAM

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