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zopim logoNow a days many of them started blogging and most people started to do the business over internet. So Important thing is how we do business over internet. What people likes to interact with your business?. Support is the main thing the clients and customers need from your business. So we need some support feature in our website for customer satisfaction. So here i wish to share a free support live chat for your website. Yes of course its free.

ZOPIM gives Support Live chat interface for your website or blog. You can customize each and everything of the support chat interface for free.  Even Zopim gives premium features for payment. If you want you can purchase premium plans for more customer support.  Free function allows one customer at a time. its enough for beginners.

How to Enable it on your Website or blog?

Its not very complicated to enable on your website. After signup on Zopim, they gives you the Script, You have to paste on your website anywhere or In your blog paste in any widgets. Its works fine.

How to Customize that Live Chat window?

You have option to change the text, color, Popup balloons, sounds from the dashboard of Zopim account. So You can change that Live chat window for your taste.

Live Chat window works on Offline mode?

Yes, If your Support is not online. Zopim Offline mode will be automatically enabled and Gets the message from your customer and Delivers to your mail id or Offline box in Zopim Dashboard.

How Chat Window Looks like?

You can See the Chat window on Right side bottom on your website. Even You can place on your suitable location. Even customers can detach the window from that place and they can keep in their suitable place. So it is quite easy for customers and clients to chat with you when they are busy in some other PC works.

Chat Window Looks like Below Picture:

zopim offline chat window

Why cant you try for your website or Blog. Just go to WWW.ZOPIM.COM and give support to your Customers. 🙂

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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