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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011With ICC Cricket Cup 2011 getting off to a colorful start. The frenzy among followers has hit a super high. Personally, I’m all over the place, simply loving this season, lots of rain expected, of runs that is.

However, like most of us I have to goto work. I guess most of us are away form the TV atleast during the weekdays. So, when I have no TV, I heavily rely on the internet for keeping track of the scores. Be it yahoo cricket, Cricinfo or my personal favorite Cricbuzz. But, I notice it’s hard to keep track of the websites. So, I downloaded a widget from a popular Cricket website few months ago during India-SA series. It was colorful and high on user experience. However, in few minutes into the game I realized it was running way too many Advertisements and the graphics started to annoy me. The widget did everything else than show proper score updates, at times it used to go slow at times or the screen would simply freeze. It frustrated me not only because it hampered my work it also took away the charm of following scores online.

Few days later out of sheer displeasure I uninstalled it. I tried few more widgets till I found out this gem – LiveCricketCricket ticker on a humble blog. I was expecting it to be a dud, since it took a little more than usual time to install. However, once it is up and running it blew me away.

Updates are instant. No complicated and over stylized display, pre-dominantly grey and white shades. It is simple yet packs a powerful  punch in terms of impeccable relay. Its most exciting aspect for me is its Ad-free ticker. Trust me it’s such a relief.

To talk little more about the widget, the views can be easily customized, one-click would do. Settings are child’s play, no confusing jargons or mandatory sign ups. I won’t  say it’s a technological masterpiece it has few chinks. The one which caught my eye is that the ticker is always on the right side of the screen, you can only more it up or down. It’s a disappointment because when you want to use that part of the screen you have to close it, ideally I would want to flip it to the left side, anyways no piece of software is perfect. Don’t we all adore our iPhone’s and “i” prefixed products despite their glaring glitches?

Going back to the widget, I have a simple suggestion download it, give it a try, trust me you won’t be disappointed. In case you are, hate mails are welcome.

You can also visit the developer’s blog for more details. Download link is available on their blog however, if you’re in screaming hurry

Click here to Download

End of the day, widget or no widget. Enjoy the game. Root for your team. I ‘m gung-ho about India’s chances. May the best team win.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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