Enable HTTPS and Secure Your Facebook Account In 10 Seconds

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We know how facebook is integrated into our life. Most of them have habit to update each and every thing in their status to reveal it to their friends. Like wise anyone gives importance to secure you facebook account?. Most people use facebook in public shared computers, Open Wifi hot spot and More. It will creates loop hole to your account, and lead to hacking your account. So i thought to share this info with you all.

Facebook have Introduced Https Protocol to secure facebook accounts from hackers used to hack through public network.

What is HTTPS?

Most People who browse now a days not caring to know what is Http and Https expect the Advanced users. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a Protocol which allows us to access web. In Simple way i ill explain it. In Address bar while you type www.google.com or some other sites you are accessing through HTTP. While you go to www.yahoomail.com it runs on HTTPS. You can See the HTTPS text before the URL in address bar. HTTPS is used for Security purpose which encrypts the datas while transferring  datas.

Lets see how to enable Https in facebook. It just takes less than 10 Seconds. Why cant you spare 10 seconds to secure your facebook account?. We Recommend Each and Every user to Secure your Facebook account with HTTPS.

Steps to Follow:

First You just login your facebook account through Facebook.com, Then Go to Account Settings as shown in below Picture.

Facebook Account Setting


After Account Settings pages open. Just Go to Settings Tab and Get Account security option like below picture

Facebook Account Security

After Click Change You will Get Options with Check box. Check the SECURE BROWSING (HTTPS) and You can also get notification through email and mobile if someone login your account.  Check the Notification box Email or Mobile which you prefer and click SAVE. Just See the Below picture for easy access.

Facebook Https SecurityEven you can track you Most recent activity and Which computer logs in, through this settings. Check regularly to know Account Activity.

Now Check Your Address bar of Facebook Page. You will See HTTPS text Before the URL in your address bar as like in below picture

facebook Https Address Bar

Some Applications in facebook notify us to roll back to HTTP. We recommend not to Roll back to HTTP. Stay in HTTPS for Security. If you have rolled back. No Problem, You can Enable it again by same process.

Its Simple, Secure and Subscribe us to keep updated in Security Regarding Social Media..

Sharing is Healthy.. Share this and drag your friends into secure facebook.

Happy Facebooking… 🙂

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