Create an Android App for your website Content

Android MobileNow a days World screams ANDROIDANDROID!ANDROID!. Why? Because Android is from Google and is the the popular Mobile Platform which occupies many products in markets like Mobile Phones, Tablets, and more. Most people like to buy Android Phones, because its quite different from other mobile platform.
Ok, Lets see how to Create Android App for your website content.

APPSGEYSER allows us to create Android apps for free. You can create your apps from your web content in two simple steps. Even You can Add Widgets, HTML codes over Application creator. after creating You can submit your application in Android Market, there you can get more traffic because monthly android market reach 150 Million application installations.

And Special Features like Alerts and Monetize, Through Alerts you can send popup messages to all Application Users at once. So you can Spread your way all over the world in single click. and Monetize is for making money. You can insert Ads into the application and start earning Money too.

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