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Business blogging is now one of the finest ways to reach out prospects, clients, employees and partners ( at times even the competitors ). I recently met a CEO of a small sized IT company he said, “Our competitors love us”. I was caught by surprise, I dug a little deeper and figured out, they used to blog good things about their competition, which in turn built more credibility for themselves in the market place ( Ah! What an idea )

Right,going back to blogs. Here’s what you can consider.

1. Personal Blog

More suited for small companies or one-man shop. Since it’s driven by one person, creating a personal blog makes good sense. Create a personal space to share your daily musings, ideas, suggestions, or just some random thought. Remember people love flaws, so, don’t you worry, you don’t have to sound perfect always. It’s a best way to become a thought leader and opinion creator. However, this would need lot of research, no one’s going to trust you for nothing.

2. Review blog

Yet another popular blogging format. Make sure you don’t use this platform to slam your competition, don’t end up looking like a sore loser. Make sure your reviews and comments encourage participation, involve your readers. Again, provide recommendations, feedback and honest critique on other people’s services and products. Once your subscribers/visitors start feeling comfortable with your views, your blog can be an exciting breeding ground for positive reviews and hopefully more sales. So, be brave, be honest and most importantly respect your competition.

These are two simple formats, I shall come back with more formats soon, so watch out for this space. Do leave your feedback and queries.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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