Apple launches iPad 2 on 2nd March?

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According to All things digital Apple is going to Launch second generation of iPad on March 2nd this year. Its just a rumor, we still didn’t get the authorized announcement from Apple but all expect rumor is going to be real. but Apple iPad is now allover the world. So Apple iPad 2 is expected by all of the ipad2

The iPad 2’s display is 30 to 35% thinner with better anti-reflective qualities, but it has the same resolution. We also expect rear and front-mounted camera, which will be accompanied by Apple’s FaceTime video calling software. iPad 2 will come with speedy processor, increased Memory Ram and Graphics support. Even it will be comes with  GSM and CDMA. iPad 2 will be provided with a USB port, the user can use it to upload photos, documents, and film. This cannot be sure, because apples current strategy is steering wireless, make iPad can also wireless print, wireless watch media stream etc., thus to USB have what use? Probably this is a MicroUSB port or adapter. Video Out put slot will be available for iPad 2 to view over external Monitor or Projector. These above every configuration of second generation of iPad are expected not the real one. let we wait for the launch date 🙂

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