3 Ways Fiber Optics Have Changed the Earth

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Fiber optic technology has made an enormous impact on industries around the world, from quantum encryption to the network cable systems Nashville companies rely on. The magic behind fiber optics is difficult to understand, though the idea that a beam of light can travels for hundreds of kilometers through glass or plastic fibers the width of human hair to deliver communication and data resources is astounding on its own. Here are a few ways this technology has changed the world.

1. More Gigabits of Data

Copper cables were able to deliver tens of megabits of data into homes around the world, but optical fibers have bumped that number up into gigabits. This exponential increase in data has made it possible for more users to enjoy on-demand streaming without delays. Optical fibers are also notably more reliable for delivering consistent data at speeds that copper cables can’t come near.

2. Expansion of Internet

Optical fibers can be made of either plastic or glass, but glass delivers the highest data rates. The entire world is clamoring for more data, and as optical cable continues to be laid across ocean floors and linked by optical fiber repeaters, the data demand is being met. The repeaters connecting these thousands of miles of cable are amplifiers that boost the data signal into places that had previously been unreached. 

3. Life-Saving Support

There is more to optical fibers than just data. Fibers, outfitted with a tiny camera on one end, give surgeons a way to explore the most minuscule parts of the body. Some fibers are equipped with a powerful laser light that allows for precision cutting of tumors or growths in the body. Optical tech is continually being researched and developed in the medical field and saving lives in the process.

High powered internet is now available all over the earth, thanks to the work of optical fibers. This tiny tech is revolutionizing everyday aspects of life, though many simply appreciate faster data speeds.

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