ATEN launches 4K single display KVM over IP Extender for Control Rooms

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ATEN, the largest KVM manufacturer in the world and a leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, today announced the newest addition KE9950 to its KE Series of KVM over IP Extenders. KE9950 eliminates the distance restrictions of control room management and provides remote access to operators to ensure a faster response time to mission-critical data center emergencies.

KE9950 provides access to a computer system from a remote USB console (USB keyboard, USB mouse, Display Port monitor) over an intranet, enabling users to locate computers in a secure and temperature controlled environment, which is isolated from users’ workstation. The ATEN KE KVM over IP Extenders utilizes AES-128 bit encryption to secure all data before it’s transmitted over a network and is decrypted on the receiver end to ensure secure data transmission with no eves-dropping. The KE9950 4K Display Port Single Display KVM over IP Extender consists of a high-performance IP-based transmitter KE9950T that connects to the computer and receiver KE9950R that provides console access from a separate location. It is suitable for facility situation rooms, network operation centers; utilities process control centers, traffic management centers, retail surveillance centers, broadcast distribution, command control centers, and much more. “KVM over IP Matrix System combines KVM over IP Extenders with KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) to extend, control, monitor and access Display Port/HDMI/DVI-interfaced computers across an independent network with flexible configurations. Whether you are monitoring, operating, controlling or extending computer access, the KVM over IP Matrix System is made adaptable, to fit an endless variety of working environments and workstation settings,” said, Vittal SalunkePSM – Sales Division I at ATEN

The unique features of ATEN KVM over IP Extender include:

  • Provide Support to all Popular Interfaces -ATEN’s KE product range supports interfaces from Display Port, HDMI, and DVI, to fulfill every demand from any control room environment. Mix-and-match different transmitters & receivers for a truly flexible solution.
  • Secure Data Transmission – The ATEN KE KVM over IP Extenders utilizes AES-128 bit encryption to secure all data before it’s transmitted over a network and is decrypted on the receiver end to ensure no eves-dropping.
  • Fast Switching– ATEN’s unique Fast Switching technology features instant switching, even between different video resolutions, providing immediate viewing of critical information for video surveillance or monitoring applications
  • Unbeatable Video Wall Versatility– With unprecedented video quality and unmatched resolutions, the native video wall functionality allows users to create multiple video walls with up to 8 x 8 displays in each layout in various configurations, offering outstanding flexibility and scalability without the need for a separate video wall processor.
  • Exceptional Video Quality up to 4K– The ATEN KE-series supports resolutions up to 3840×2160 @ 30Hz as well as flawless and lossless video compression quality with minimal latency
  • Powerful Centralized Management– ATEN’s KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) makes it easy to define connections and manage all KE devices over a network with a new intuitive user-friendly web-based GUI; administrators can set three permission types – Admin, Super User, and User, to meet user and shared access requirements.
  • Intuitive Boundless Switching– The ATEN KE-series offers an intuitive way to switch control to another receiver by simply moving your mouse cursor across the screen border and onto the target computer display. Unrestricted Switching Direction allows the mouse cursor to move in any direction to switch the control focus.
  • Effortless over IP Digital Media Extension– Eliminates the distance restrictions of control room management; enables a faster response to mission-critical data center emergencies; all models support unlimited distances via Cat 5e/6 over a LAN

The KE9950 can be set on a desk, mounted on a wall or at the rear of a rack with its space-saving 0U rack-mount design. When combined with the KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM), KE9950 provides more flexible applications in different working environments. Availability: ATEN’s new 4K single display KVM over IP Extender KE9950 is available through ATEN’s channel of distribution and reseller partners starting this month.

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