Google Now Helps You In Picking The “Quicker & Cheaper Rides”

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Google make things easier for the users in India to book their ride just in a tap. Now Google announced that everyone can be able to book Ola and Uber cabs straightly from the Google search app or from the google search. Now the things are getting handier for the users with smartphones.

Google Cab Suggestion

As Google Maps already had the option to book Ola or Uber cab in India. Now it’s being extended to its mobile search as well. The option for booking ride will show when a user search for the particular direction or a user can search directly in the search bar with key words like “Uber to Chennai Central”.

Google search has added a brand new dedicated tab for hiring a cab. The another interesting thing is that the Google included the trip estimation fare. By this option you can easily compare the fare in Ola & Uber cab services right in the search window itself and along with the estimation you can also view the pick-up time.

Search By Preference

You can search for “Ola to Chennai Airport” or “Uber to Guindy” if you prefer one brand over the other.

Google Search Now Allows users to Book Ola or Uber Ride Service in India

However, your smartphone must have an Ola or Uber app to fulfil your booking as the google search simply redirect you to the corresponding app with the places specified in the search.

How is it Helpful for the existing app users?

You may feel weird of having the app and opening it via google search. The key thing is that you can compare the fare & pickup time of Ola & Uber in a single spot and choose the apt one without opening these apps.

If you already used Ola & Uber app then for sure you will know that how much time will it take to view the estimated fare and comparison also not possible with those apps.

Google now helps you in picking the “Quicker & Cheaper rides” !!!

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