Airmail 3 – Perfect Mail Client For Mac

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Airmail 3 comes out as the best and faster mail client for Mac. On seeing the features available in it, you will do have the same opinion. When Airmail 2 released, it also had some special features but it failed to satisfy in some aspects like it doesn’t have the snooze options, no app for mobile and some times facing non responding issues too.


Unlike Airmail 2 the latest version fulfill all the missing parts and new features added more value to it. Come on lets have some play with Airmail 3.

Look & Feel

Before getting into the features, I need to talk about the look and feel of the interface. The interface really looks cool and visibility of new notification makes the app more accessible. Then the resizable option bar makes more sense as we can get more space for viewing our mails in its three column layout.

Three column layout makes all your messages more accessible. Each column can be resized to our desired width depending on our comfort level.

Even the Mobile version of Airmail got an adequate presence and clear user interface.

airmail 3


Skinning and Blending

There is lot more to play with airmail 3 preference. It had numerous options to make a airmail app a perfect blend for you. Each tab have various option to customise the mail app to its core.

I had thought “who will touch and customise mail app for all these options ?”, but I realise that each of us never had a same taste and thoughts. This preference holds options to satisfy all kind of users .

Download and start playing with its preference ! Am sure at least it will cost you a minimum of an hour.


VIP & Smart Folder

Airmail 3 hold an unified VIP and Smart folder section as it groups the mail from VIP contact at multiple accounts under one section. You can access all the mail from the defined VIP contact by simply clicking on the list available in the sidebar. This helps you to easily prioritise the important mail and to avoid the mails which are not most important.

Service Integration

Most loved part is the multiple service integration of the Airmail client. Airmail holds the integration with more than 20 services integrated with it. The service includes Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, TodoList, Evernote, Trello, Asana, BusyCal, Droplr and many more.


Actions Buttons

In airmail you can add upto 4 quick action buttons which displays on top of your message section. The list of available option for action buttons are shown in the pic.  One pretty option is the Unsubscribe button, really it made unsubscription much faster and easier.

From this Action section you can configure custom actions to be performed in the client.

Airmail Action

Other Features

Airmail have multiple sorting options which add more advantage for it. You can sort by Sender, Subject, Replied, Unread and also you can sort your mails by date. The most useful option is the “Show Message from the same sender” and “Select Message from the same sender”. This helps you in the bulk action of archiving or deleting the mail.

Airmail_Sort Option

These are the some unique options available in the airmail, apart from these thing it have tons of option loaded. You can customise the interface configure and switch between multiple mail accounts easily. If you have multiple mail accounts and need to have single cross platform solution to sync with IOS and Mac along with more customisation option the Airmail is the perfect for you.

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