5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Youtube

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When you visit a website, you expect that to be responsive, ads free, instant and provide what you need. Here today we are going to discuss top 5 Chrome extensions that you can add on your Youtube and make it work better and more efficiently. The extensions are in various categories like downloading videos from Youtube, making Youtube free from ads, increasing video quality and few more. The first thing you need to do is to install Chrome on your computer or laptop and activate it. Don’t forget that all these extensions we have listed below are only compatible with Youtube in Google Chrome, and you can’t use them on any other web browser. Let’s have a look at these in the following.

Youtube Chrome Extensions

Auto HD for Youtube

The extension is easily available in Chrome, and you can use it on your Youtube. This is typically used to enhance the video quality and once you install this extension, the quality of all the videos you play on your Chrome browsers is turned into HD. After adding it on, you can change the video quality in setting option of the extension, and it gives 4-5 options for video quality. It also lets you change the player size from smaller to medium and larger as well. This is undoubtedly a fantastic extension for those who love watching videos on Youtube but use Chrome browser.

Youtube Rating Preview

This is another extension that you should install on your browser to make your Youtube experience more friendly and useful. Go to the extension section, search for it and start downloading. After adding on, it will become active. The primary purpose of the extension is to provide you with authority to rate a video and click LIKE or DISLIKE options manually after you have watched the video. Moreover, you can change the setting options by clicking on the setting of your Chrome browser and change it as per your needs.

Free Video Downloader

The extension is helpful when it comes to downloading quality videos from Youtube, but it should be remembered that the extension is not separately available on extensions, but you can find it in extension section and activate it. Just go to Google, search for the extension and click the download option. After it’s downloaded, go to Youtube and open a video to check whether it’s working or not. It works perfectly, and you can download any video quickly to watch later on. The extension is favorite among those users who love saving videos in their computers to enjoy later on.


Not only your Youtube, but every website needs to be free from ads and pop-up options that often irritate the users. Though you can add various other extensions for Youtube, you need to install Adblock on your Chrome browser to get rid of the offensive ads. It works smoothly and the users can enjoy it using conveniently. As most of such ads-on are irritating and don’t work as the users expect, this extension is free from such problems and is considered to be very cool. After installation, you can go to Youtube to check that all the ads have been removed.

Youtweak for Youtube

The extension is basically to manage your add-on and other segments on Youtube. In setting, it lets you choose the options that you would like to activate like if you don’t want to get certain videos you can remove them. Once it’s installed, you can check that the look of your Youtube page is changed, and it looks more attractive as compared the first without this extension.

Final Words

The extensions mentioned above are very useful for Chrome users who love to go on Youtube, watch, download and save videos. The extensions primarily aim at making your experience with Youtube on Chrome better, friendly and let you enjoy to the fullest. You can remove all ads that are very often offensive as well with one of these extensions. Above all, the user wants safe and comfortable web browsing, and this is what all these extensions promise to deliver. If you have not used these, don’t wait anymore and get your hands on them.

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