Steps On Creating Email Templates Salesforce

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Salesforce is a US based company providing Customer Relationship Management software for business on subscription. This CRM allows you to keep track of your contacts, conversations and a lot of other information related to business accounts. The people from different departments in the organization can interact with the information and thus increases the efficiency quite effectively. There are a number of ways to streamline communication through Salesforce and you can use website data and email templates Salesforce for that. You are able to create email templates which can be sent out to masses which reach to the customers quickly. In this article we will talk about the different steps.

Sign in to your Salesforce account

The first step in creating email templates Salesforce is to sign in to your Salesforce account. It asks for an email and password which is provided by your company.

Go to Setup

Click on the small arrow which is next to your username on the right hand corner in the upper part. Click ‘Setup’ then.

Click email section

Now click Email Section on the left and click Email Templates next.

New Template

On the top left corner, you can see some folders which you get access. Select the folder into which you want to create your template. You will get an option ‘New Template’ Click on it.

Type of email templates Salesforce

Now you will get four options for email templates Salesforce. The options are simple text, HTML, HTML with letterhead and VisualForce. Select the one which you want to use and click Next once you have chosen it. Note that-

  • All the types mentioned here allow you to type in text, attach files and select the people you want to receive mails.
  • Only HTML and VisualForce templates allow you to place images within the text you put.
  • HTML emails can be set for tracking and you can find if someone opened your email and how many times.

Go to Letterhead creation

If you have chosen an email with letterhead, go to Letterhead Creation section. You will get a number of visual layouts for your letterhead. Choose whether you want it on the top or bottom.

Type the name of your email template and choose options

Type the name of your template, specify encoding you want, a description and which folder you want to be placed in. Check the box ‘Available for Use’.

After letterhead move forward to email template

Type the greeting, body of email and signature

Use Merge fields values below the format toolbar

Salesforce merge fields allow allows you to define something needed for personalization for every person and it creates a code which you can place in the email templates Salesforce. When the email is sent, it populates those fields with values.

Click Save

Click on ‘Save’ to save your template for using further.

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