The Top Five Mistakes Online Marketers Make When Using Google Analytics

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In the evolution of online marketing, Google analytics is probably one of the most important tools for tracking and reporting site statistics. However, most online marketers do not know how to utilise the collected data to enhance their content marketing strategies. For the best results, the collected data must be analysed and understood in the context of the business in question.


As an online marketer, you are probably using Google Analytics to track your online marketing campaigns. If so, are you making any of these 5 SEO mistakes?

1. Not taking the time to understand Google analytics terminology

For one to be able to analyse the data provided by Google Analytics, they must grasp the terminologies used. Once the terminologies have been understood, the marketer should be able to relate them to their business. The numbers can only get meaning if the terminologies are well understood.

For instance, if one does not understand what a bounce rate is, it is not possible to know whether their web visitors are staying on their page or are leaving at a glance. If you are aware of what a bounce rate is, then you will be able to understand what a 20% and below or a 50% and above bounce rate means.

By understanding the terminologies and the numbers about your online campaign, you will then be able to discern a strategy for the best results on your site. One of Sydney’s top online marketing services companies should be able to offer you all the information you need to understand Google Analytics terminologies.

2. Not fully understanding the math and statistics behind the analytics

As said earlier, the statistics provided by the tool are of no value if the marketer cannot analyse them effectively for an informed online marketing decision. Having the statistical knowledge at your fingertips will help you to interpret accurately the provided data and make appropriate moves for better results.

For instance, being able to segment the conversion rate into visits and transactions can help minimise observational error when determining the highest conversion rate in a variety of campaigns. The ability of the marketer to argue logically when analysing data is critical in strategy formulation.

If statistics and maths are not your forte, consider consulting one of Sydney’s top online marketing services company to help you interpret the data and make logical arguments for accuracy in your campaigns.

3. Not segmenting data before analysis

Another common mistake that Google Analytics users make is to assume that they can analyse data without segmenting it into subsets. Data segmentation makes it easy to examine and take action on the component trends in your business.

For advanced segments, one can isolate distinct types of web traffic within the analytics reporting. In the new advanced segments, one can create segments regarding demographics, behaviour, technology, traffic sources, and date of the first visit. Understanding how to use the advanced segments is crucial in understanding your traffic and its effects on your business.

4. Focusing on raw numbers and ignoring data trends

Even when raw numbers are crucial, they will not tell you much about your business prospects. On the other hand, data trends analysis is crucial to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and predicting future outcomes.

For a successful campaign, the trends in online marketing data should be identified and analysed. A better understanding of tools such as Google Spreadsheets makes it easy to analyse data trends. If you are not familiar with trend analysis, it is advisable you consult an online marketing company for professional help.

5. Not conducting customer surveys and A/B tests

After analysing your Google Analytics reports, you need to understand why your web visitors behave in a certain way on your page. The best way to get this information is by conducting customer surveys. Without a direct feedback from your web visitors, it is hard to discern ways to keep them hooked and convert the traffic into sales.

If you have no experience conducting and analysing the reports of such surveys, get professional services from the best companies in online marketing.

Final thought

For excellent results with Google analytics, ensure that you fully understand how this tool works and what the generated report means to your business. If not sure about your capabilities, consider getting help from one of Sydney’s top online marketing services companies. 

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