How To Move Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone Using AnyTrans

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Now you’ve upgraded your iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus) and then you may be wondering how to copy all data from your old iPhone to the new one. Or, you may want to combine data from your old iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod touch to your newly bought iPhone 6 (Plus), so you can fetch anything you want directly from your new toy. No matter you need to clone or merge data, it is a dead simple procedure with AnyTrans – the ultimate and all-in-one iOS content manager.


AnyTrans gives you control over all your files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Whether you need to transfer, back up or manage your iOS files, it makes everything a breeze. With the help of its built-in Phone Clone and Phone Merge features, you can clone/merge device data safely and effortlessly.

Combine Data of Multiple iDevices Using Phone Merge Feature

AnyTrans’ unique Phone Merge feature is amazing. Unlike iCloud/iTunes that erases the original data of the target device after sync, it keeps all original items along with the imported data. That is to say, you can merge data of multiple iDevices into your daily used iPhone or iPad without any loss of data.

Taking one step forward, it analyzes what’s on your target device first, automatically skips existing content, and then merges only useful contacts, messages, notes, music, movies, books, apps (probably all the personal info and media files), etc. Thus, you can get quick access to every piece of needed data directly from one neatly arranged iPhone/iPad.

Combine Data of Multiple iDevices Using Phone Merge Feature

Clone All/Any Data to Your New iPhone 6 (Plus) Using Phone Clone Feature

Although iCloud/iTunes does a fairly decent job in backing up and restoring your entire iOS device, it isn’t so hot when coming to selective backup and restore. As its alternative, AnyTrans brings Phone Clone feature for you to selectively clone needed data only to your iPhone 6 (Plus). Certainly, it is capable of cloning all iOS content as well. Whether you choose full clone or selective clone, the whole process can be done in just a few clicks.

Clone All/Any Data to Your New iPhone 6 (Plus) Using Phone Clone Feature

Overall, AnyTrans is a good choice for both merging and cloning iOS data. You can get a free download right now, for Mac or PC.

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