Stop Wondering And Start Learning – Best 5 Sites Offering Open Online Programming Courses

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The internet makes the world get into your hand with a single click, it also changes the way of learning. Never before now we have lots of websites for education which make anyone to learn anything. Wide variety of educational websites are available in the internet which facilitate a numerous way of accessing information world wide. Most of the Professionals never stop their learning as the learning keep them updated on what they are professionally fitted with.

open online programming courses

The computer makes the numerous changes to our lifestyle. Computer and internet become one of the mandatory things in our day to day life. Some of you may wonder how these computers are working, computer programs are made? How they designed a webpage? What is the secret behind those programming codes? Even lot more questions may arise. Just stop wondering and start Learning. Here we list some of the top websites which flexible, easy and open programming courses with real time training module.


Course Offered

HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)


One of the  best free online training website which offers six different computer programming courses. More than 24 million users are engaged with the codecademy. Each user has their own profile, to motivate the user they offer badges on the completion of courses and its display the daily score overall score which increase the learner’s interest over the course. Codecademy offers real time challenges in the browser, you have to resolve that for continuing the learning progress


Course Offered

Audacity offer both Computer Science Courses and they also provide courses out of computer domain too. They have a course in Maths, Psychology of wide range of course offered by Udacity Click here to view all.

udacity free online Course

Audacity allows the learners to take and schedule the course of their own planned time, which make the learners to learn the course anywhere and anytime. It also provides real time training udacity offer courses and video tutorials at free of cost, for all the users. They provide extra support for the premium users such as providing Verified Certificate, in class support, personal guidance.


Course offered

Udemy Covers a broad variety od courses including business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health and fitness, language, music, and technology.udemy

Udemy offers both pain and free version of courses it has a different structure that anyone can learn and instruct. Instructors can earn money from the students as a tuition charge.  Interactive session between learners and instructors are also available in the online web platform.  Udemy offers a wide variety of courses you need, You simply can sort free course in the available list and start learning. The only drawback with Udemy is that any can create a course and start teaching, So quality of the content is always questionable.


Course Offered

HTML, CSS, WordPress, Java (programming language), PHP, Objective-C, Javascript, and Ruby,  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

treehouse online platform

Treehouse provide both video and content, tutorials for the learners on the latest and refreshed technology. Users have to clear all the interactive challenges side by side while learning which create batches and score. Your performance and clarity over learning course will determine from the batches and the courses earned. Treehouse offer quizzes and Code Challenges to test your knowledge gained via learning.


Course Offered

HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL, Jquery


Most trusted website all over the world which offer high quality content on web programming. Users have a side by side interactive emulator where they can test and implement their codes. W3 school offers a different environment for student on learning the web development programming courses.

Stop wasting your time and start learning whenever and wherever. Hope this content makes some changes over the idea over learning programming courses.

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