Windows 8.1 Features And How To Update Windows 8 To Windows 8.1

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Microsoft changed the appearance of windows operating system from its Windows 8, released with the metro styled menu. The main draw back is the removal of start menu in the windows operating system. The start menu hardly stick to the windows OS users but from the windows 8 missing start menu makes an reverse impact over the latest operating system. Even though windows 8  had some drawbacks they improved the security features compare to that of the previous releases of the Windows Operating System.

Windows 8.1 Update
Lots of feed back from the users force the Microsoft to develop a stable secure Operating System. I though they almost succeed in that process.  Liberally they release a Windows 8.1 code named as Windows Blue. Its in the hands of the users now. Users who have already got Windows 8 Operating System can freely get this Windows Blue update others can purchase it.

Windows 8.1 got so many updates mainly the start menu is back in windows 8.1 it makes all the classic windows users happy.  Apart from this there are another some features are also got updated in this latest version of the Windows 8.1 Operating System. Here is the list of some important features which makes this update reasonable.

  • Start Me Up Button  – Single Click take you to the Tiled menu and a Right click display the settings menu such as Control Panel.
  • Desktop Mode – Using this you can Skip the tiled menu and directly boot to desktop.
  • Improved Onscreen Keyboard –  You can add a numeric or a punctuation mark to  your content without toggle between alpha and numeric layouts.
  • Gesture Controlled apps – Control your apps by swing your hands in front of the Camera.
  • Lock Screen Access – You can answer your Skype call without log into your PC
  • Improved Multitasking – You can run more than three apps in windows 8.1
  • Global Search – allow to to search the content in your PC and also in the windows store.
  • Browsing – Improved the features in Internet explore to handle a “n” number of pages in the tiled version to make the browsing experience much better.

These are the some of the admirable updates. Windows 8.1 updated to the core to meet the security features. Hope this will make some impact over the windows users.

I am sure that all the windows 8 users will soon update their Operating System as it is available for free of cost.

Steps to Update Windows 8.1

You can update to windows 8.1 from Microsoft website or directly from your windows Store

Update via Microsoft Page

Go to Microsoft Page Click on the Update to Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1In the next page click on the Get the update button. It redirect you to the windows 8.1 Download page from the store.

02 get the update

Update Via Store

Press the Start button and from the tile menu click on the Store.

App store windows 8

In store You can see a huge button in the first prompting the windows 8.1 update just simply click on it .It will take you to the windows 8.1 update download.

Windows 8.1 Update

Click on the Download button To download the latest Windows 8.1

Download windows 8.1 from appstoreThe size is about 3.26 GB so you have to wait until the download complete which runs at the background, while you can do your regular works with your PC until the download completes.

windows 8.1 update

After the installation finished it will reboot the PC and install the windows 8.1 as per your configuration. PC may restarts several times during the installation process. After the installation finished a banner shows the success message on windows 8. 1 installation. Further PC preparation are similar to that of the windows 8.

If you have upgraded your Windows 8 to 8.1, drop your valuable reviews in comment section.

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