How To Add Your Name On Mac OS X Menu Bar

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In Mac OS X lion and Mountain Lion you can spice up your menu bar with your username or your account name. Its really important when you are taking screen shots to send to your friend or sharing in social media, it shows your identity and you are the real owner of your screenshots. More over the name in the menu bar shows which user you logged into.

We are not going to use any third party tool to show up your name in the menu bar. Its already inbuilt inside the Mac OS X lion and Mountain lion. Lets go to the tutorial to show up your identity on your Mac.

Menubar name mac

Step 1:
Open System Preferences from /Applications Folder or using Spotlight search (Command + Space) you can find it.

System Preferences

Step 2:
In System Preferences, Navigate to Users & Groups under System Category.

System Preferences
Step 3:
First we have to Authenticate to make changes, You can find Lock icon shown below the Users & Groups dialogue box. If the Lock is already Open just leave it and go to the next step or Click the Lock icon and It Promet for the Password of your account to authenticate the changes you are going to make.

Mac Authentication

Step 4:
Go to Login Options in Users & Groups Preferences and Check the box “Show fast user switching menu as” and Select “Full Name”or  “Short Name” from list box.
(Note: Don’t Forget to Lock the Lock icon again)

add name to menu bar

If you have any doubts, kindly view the below video or drop the queries in comment section.

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