The Samsung Tocco and Why It’s Had It’s Day

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When the Apple iPhone first launched in 2007 it was a real revelation, making such significant strides forward that it ended up leaving other manufacturers scrabbling around in search of a way to compete. The way that Apple’s rivals first started to strike back was with touchscreen handsets of their own. But unfortunately this first wave of tactile devices was not in the same league as the iPhone and the handsets ended up looking like cheap imitations.


The Samsung Tocco falls into this category, since it was announced in early 2008 and is now five years old, which in the mobile world makes it a real dinosaur. If you still own one, it is worth getting rid of an old Samsung Tocco phone, because this is a handset that is very much past its prime. Here are a few reasons why it has become such an unwanted, archaic nuisance.

 Hilariously Outdated Hardware

Back in 2008 the 2.8-inch screen on the Tocco might have been moderately impressive. By doing away with the physical keypad, it was possible to squeeze bigger displays than ever on to this first wave of touchscreen handsets. However, next to modern devices it looks pitiful. Even budget smartphones have four-inch displays today, while top-end Samsung handsets come with screens that measure over five inches across the diagonal. Things are a little better in the camera department, at least superficially. You still get a five-megapixel camera with things such as face and smile detection, which sounds decent enough.

Unfortunately, we now live in an age when most other smartphones can boast eight-megapixel sensors or better, with 13 megapixels quickly becoming the standard in 2013. Also, there is no high-definition video-capture capability on the Tocco, nor a secondary camera on the front for video calls.

Stagnant Software

When the Tocco was being developed, the Android operating system, which is Samsung’s software platform of choice for its modern devices, was still effectively a twinkle in Google’s eye. That means this handset comes with a proprietary operating system from Samsung’s own development team. While the software does a decent job of making the sparse array of features found on the Tocco accessible, it will feel very sluggish and underwhelming if you have played with a more modern phone.

There is no real app store to speak of and the web browser is not up to scratch. There may be a few widgets available for the homescreen, but next to Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UI it will seem a real anachronism. Back in its heyday, the Samsung Tocco was not a bad buy, but you should really get rid of it and upgrade if it is still your phone of choice. There are many smartphones now available at a reasonable price that will provide you with a much better experience.

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John Stevenson is a tech writer and reporter who has worked for various outlets both online and in print media. He believes that getting rid of an old Samsung Tocco phone is essential if you want to enjoy the true power of modern mobiles.

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