Why Cloning a Mac Hard Drive Makes Sense

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Data backup is the most efficient way to overcome data loss and even the hard drive manufacturers say the same. Having backup of your invaluable files and folders not only saves you from the aftermath of various hard drive corruption issues, but lets you restore your data when you come across data loss due to physical damages. However, have you ever thought that how helpful it would be if you have a mirror image or replica of your entire hard drive? If a simple backup or backup of some select files can benefit you in myriad ways, then it is certainly more beneficial as you have the backup of your entire hard drive including the operating system (OS).

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This phenomenon of creating a replica of your hard drive is called as hard drive cloning. Like human clones, clones of hard drives works as their exact replica and create the same environment as your original system when used. Having clone of your hard drive on an external drive, CD, or DVD, you can easily restore your data and start working as you work with your original Mac machine. However, the ‘Time Machine’ present in Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions enables you to create a backup copy of all the contents of your hard drive, including the system and application files. Therefore, having these versions of Mac OS X lets you create the copy of your hard drive contents easily.

However, what will happen to the users who are using OS X 10.4 and earlier Mac OS X versions? Well, for those, there are professional utilities to clone Mac disk available online. These tools create exact replica of your hard drive. The clone created by a professional tool is basically ready-to-use copy of your Mac hard drive. One such tool that creates clones of Mac hard drive is Stellar Drive Clone. The simple, intuitive user interface of this software makes it easy-to-use for all who just have the basic understanding of Mac.

  • Please note that a clone is different from an image

The ‘Cloning’ feature of this software enables you to create exact copy of your hard drive or its mirror image, whereas the ‘Imaging’ option allows you to create image of any volume or entire Mac hard drive. With the feature to ‘Resize Volumes on Destination Drive’, you can resize volumes on the destination drive and reuse all its space that would have been wasted otherwise. The option to create bootable CD or DVD enables you to create a bootable disc that helps to boot your system in case of failure or crash.

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