Top Screen Capturing Softwares For Windows 8

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Are you a person engaged with making tutorials or a student?. You may in need of capturing a screen shot of your active window. Print Screen button makes that easy. Apart from your active desktop, at some occasion you may in need of capturing some specific window or a Menu or some area of the desktop. These sorts of work can be easily done with the Screen Capturing software, which is much important for the Education, Business and Home Users. Here we are on the track to see some crisping details about the screen capturing software. Tons of screen capturing tools are available now a days and we have lots of confusion onWhat To Choose‘. Just to make yourself clear on choosing a best product on screen capturing, this article will guide you. Let’s step in.

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Among the tons of capturing software, I have admired by some of best capturing software which provides best solution to screen capturing criteria.  Here by I just listed out the names below, which have all the features what you need to do with your screen capturing. On making tutorial, screen capturing is not the only task. You have to make annotations on some occasion. That also will be satisfied by these following softwares. Additional to that, there are tons of extra features are bound with these softwares.

Top Screen Capturing Softwares:

  1. Snagit
  2. Screen Hunter Pro
  3. Hypersnap
  4. Ashampoo Snap
  5. Faststone Capture

1. Snagit 11 – ($49.95)

  • One of the ultimate screen capturing tool bundle with numerous options as a package. It offers you to capture anything on the screen (Image & Video) and you can also edit the captured image or video.
  • You can enhance and emphasize the required part of the window or a screen capture with the help of professional collection of stamps.
  • You can organize and share the content of the window, menu or a desktop via email or FTP or via social sharing.
  • Over 20 formats will support. So you can able to save the image on required format as you like.
  • Paid version Cost around 49.95 USD. Really it’s much worth paying and 30 days of free trial is available for this software, have a try.
  • Available for both Mac and Windows.

2. Screen Hunter 6 Pro – ($29.95)

  • Screen Hunter Pro a real hunter of the on screen images or a window.
  • You can obtain high quality images using the Screen Hunter Pro and easily convert the captured image into pdf with the support of the enhanced built in converter.
  • Free version also available with limitations.

3. Hypersnap – ($39.95)

  • Hypersnap is a powerful tool to meet all your screen capture options along with the image editor, which allows you to edit the image of your own as you wish. Even though its solid not able to capture the polygon shaped images. No worries you can use the freehand tool instead. Apart from that interface is the next drawback when compare to the above two products.
  • Trial Version available which leaves a watermark over the image.

4. Ashampoo Snap 6 – ($19.99).

  • Metro styled interface makes a user a different and cute experience to work with screen capturing which also have all the features to  edit the image and to add text, annotate, highlight etc.
  • Using Commander Document, You can add the custom objects and settings to the Ashampoo which help you to revise your work at a later time.
  • Had built-in Facebook uploader which make you to share your work among your friends with a single click.

5. Faststone Capture 7.4 ($19.95)

  • A light weight screen capturing tool along with video recording.
  • Its interface looks so classic compared to the above mentioned product but a no compromise screen capture tool performance wise.
  • Can capture all screen activities and also onscreen changes, sounds from microphone, mouse movements which helpful in making of video.
  • It offers less than 10 image formats to save the captures screen.
  • Support Image scanning, and external image editors also available.

More number of freewares are available just to capture a screen and do simple editing buts its really worthy to spend some bucks over a  a complete bundle of package, which offers you to capture all screen activities along with the editing softwares and other extra features too.

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