How to Access the uTorrent And BitTorrent Clients Remotely

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Over 150 million user are engaged with the BitTorrent which is a peer to peer sharing protocol. It transfers a huge amount of data over the internet. BitTorrent had its user base nearly equal to the Facebook and YouTube. BitTorrent clients are the key players. It connect to the list of  trackers revived by the torrent file which contain the information on the active users who else are seeding  the piece of files. These all are the sort of information you already known as we downloaded TBs of data using torrent client. Now hitting the topic.

Yes we can take the control of the bit torrent client ( uTorrent & BitTorrent ) of your individual PC  from anywhere over the internet by accessing it remotely.

Remote Torrent

(Note: Remote access exclusively only for uTorrent & BitTorrent clients)

Accessing the BitTorrent client remotely is simply done in two steps

  • Setting up Remote access account.
  • Accessing the Torrent Client Remotely.

Setting up Remote access account:

Don’t hesitate about the Signup’s which ask you to fill the form of personal and professional details, Accept the agreement, playing hide and seek game by asking to to enter the text of unidentified image.

If you are already using the uTorrent or BitTorrent client the job is almost done. Creating account is such an easy one.

In Mac

Open uTorrent Client and Navigate to ‘Preferences’ from ‘uTorrent Menu’. In Preferences, click ‘Remote’ section and choose ‘uTorrent Remote‘ tab

UTorrent Remote Setup

Follow the Same Windows steps below for Mac.

In Windows

  • Open the Torrent client.
  • Select ‘Preferences‘ from ‘Options’

Utorrent Options

  •  Options window is visible to you. From the right left panel click on the Remote from the tree view. With the right panel options for remote access are available.

utorrent preference

  • Check the Enable uTorrent Remote Access Checkbox.
  • In the Authentication Section Enter your unique ‘Computer Name‘ and ‘Password‘ for access it remotely.

(Note This is to be used as login id and password for remote access)

  • After doing everything click on set security question to set/ change the security question which helps to setting up your same username to another uTorrent Client (You can use Same Computer name to your new computer’s Torrent Client, it will replace your old setup).

security question utorrent prevent Multilogin

Note : You can answer a default question or you can frame your custom question

  • Click on the ‘Submit‘ button to save the question and answer.
  • Finally click on ‘Apply’ button available on Preference window. The status will change and finally fixed with the text Accessible.
  • You can only access your remote client over the internet if the Status changed to Accessible.

That’s all you created the account for accessing your torrent client remotely. Such an easy way of SignUp you will never see am I right? Your torrent client is now ready for access.

Accessing the Torrent Client Remotely

You can access and manage your torrent downloads by log in into the uTorrent remote access page. or  for  Utorrent for BitTorrent.

Use your Computer name and Password to connect your PC’s torrent client remotely.

Utorrent remote access login

  • Enter your computer name and password and Press ‘Log In‘.
  • You can view your torrent clients inside a browser window.

Remote acces utorrent

  • From the browser you can add, start, pause or stop downloads. Even you can You most of the features from this Web portal.
  • Log out the session after finishing all sorts of required jobs.

You can see the current status of the torrent download. So managing  the torrent download is easy even more easier without sitting in front of your PC. You can access your computer’s Torrent download in the mobile with the help of the browser itself or If you have Android Phone, You can download UTorrent Remote application from Google Play. Accessing the BitTorrent client remotely is same as the uTorrent client. You can access the BitTorrent client from the same webpage as of uTorrent.


  • You can Access the utorrent client from the BitTorrent page and the BitTorrent client from the uTorrent page as both clients use the same portal.
  • You can’t assign the same name for both BitTorrent & Utorrent Client. Because both clients using the same portal  for remote access.
  • You can use the already existing Computer Name of your client to the new one with the help of the Security question.
  • You can access the torrent client over internet which holds the Computer name Currently.

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