How to Choose the Best Device for Reading Books

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E-book readers are among the most wanted devices nowadays. The portability and convenience offered by these devices is simply phenomenal. The e-books supported by these devices are often cheaper than the regular paperback books and the good thing is that you don’t need to kill any trees for creating these books. You will find a wide variety of e-book readers available on the market so, it is usually very difficult for users to choose the best device.

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Here are some critical things that you must consider while making a choice:


The size and weight of an e-book reader plays a vital role in its functionality. Some people prefer to opt for a smaller device that can easily fit in their purse or pocket. Obviously you would love to carry your e-book reader along with you while on the go. You should also consider the readability in this regard; some users are fine with a 5 inch screen while others prefer to have a 9 inch screen for reading their favorite books. Although, you can increase the font size in many devices, but having a larger screen allows you to read more text on a single page.


Many e-book readers nowadays come with E-Ink display which means that the e-books have the same look that you get when you read a paper book page. These devices have no backlight so your eyes don’t get strained while reading. However, you need to have an external source of light in order to read books in the dark. Some of the devices offer LCD display which allows you to read in the dark without an external light source.


Every device offers access to certain libraries of books, journals and periodicals etc. Some e-book readers provide access to millions of titles through the Google Books, some provide access to thousands of books at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. However, some devices may offer access to limited resources. You just need to go for the one that offers the book types and quantity required by you. There are some devices that provide access to the leading newspapers and magazines and some even provide access to the international publications. If you are looking for tablet-like functions then you can find such reading devices out there that can cater your needs accordingly. With such devices, you can have access to TV shows, music, games, videos and other entertaining and cool stuff.

File Compatibility

It is very important to know the type of files you want to read before selecting any e-book reading device. Most of the devices support ePub format while some are compatible with amz. (from Amazon). There are a few devices that provide support to PDF files, JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG image formats. Some even support the audio files or MP3 as well.

All these factors play a vital role in making a purchase decision about an E-book reader. The brand reputation and product price is also very important from buyer’s point of view. You should ensure that the product you are buying should be from the renowned and reputable brand and should also be reasonably priced. You can also go for smartphones or tablets that allow you to read your favorite e-books while on the go. You can install certain e-book reading apps on your smartphones or tablets for this purpose. However, you should not forget to keep your precious mobile devices safe and secure. You can easily do this by installing a cell phone monitoring tool on your mobile devices which will constantly protect them from theft and other security threats.

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