How to Add Annotations to Youtube Video

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The greatest video sharing platform from Google is YouTube. Millions of videos are available on the YouTube you can learn , express, have fun simply. Lots of updates are always added by the YouTube to make the presentation of the video much better. Among that now we are dipping into the topic of “Annotations on YouTube Video”.

Youtube Annotations

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What is a annotation on ‘ YouTube’ Video?

It is nothing but a set of interactive words or a Link which makes a video as more presentable. The annotations are conveying the thoughts or a message over a video. In some cases it is used to make a navigation within a video simply by clicking the link. Annotation play a various role as per the handling.

Video annotations in the YouTube are done with the help of Annotation Editor available with the YouTube itself.

First you have to upload the Video on the YouTube before getting started.

Go to the Video Manager ( Click the Drop down button available near the upload button) to see the List of Videos Uploaded by you. From there the process of adding annotation starts. Yes, You can able to see the edit button on the each video you uploaded. Press the down arrow button present near the edit button. A drop down menu appears from that choose the annotations.

annotationNow you step into the Annotation Editor Page.

The annotation Editor page consist of Three phases.

1) Video Preview Window – shows the preview of the video

2) Annotation Property– Option for add & Edit the annotation

3) Video Time Line – Shows the timeline of the video.

Annotation Editor

You can simply add the annotation to your video by pressing the Add Annotation button by kept the video timeline bar at the required appropriate place. The annotation used to express the thoughts and add description to the video at the time video streaming. The annotations are of five types.

add anotation

  • Speech Bubble – Display the text inside the Speech Bubble as in the Comic books.
  • Note – Simply Display the text inside the Box
  • Title. – Similar to the Text Title which is Displayed on the Video.
  • Spot Light – To highlight some Portion of the Video Frame.
  • Label – Add label to the frame f the Video
  • Pause – make the video paused for the mentioned period of timing.

You can add a multiple annotation at the same time duration of the video as I have shown Below. You can insert the Annotations as per the requirement at the appropriate position of the video. With the help of the Annotation Editor Property we can add & edit the annotation by change the content, the font color and the background color of the annotation. Only Black & White are available as the text color.

Timeline section is the most important where the added annotations are displayed.

time line after adding annotation

1) Added annotations list are view as like this.

2) Timeline bar –  used to navigate between the frames of the video.

3) Zoom – Used to increase the  values of timeline grid, for the more accuracy of the annotation timing.

Editing the Annotations

You can Edit the annotation in the annotation property section. List of added annotations are visible in the timeline section, Video Preview section and also available in the drop-down box below the add annotation button. we can choose the annotation to edit.

.Annotation Editor

1 – Select the annotation to edit from the drop down menu.

2 – The text in this area is usually displayed in the annotation.

3 – Edit the Font size, Color, And Background Color.

4 – Start and end time of the annotation.

Note. You make also select the annotation to edit from the Video Preview area or from the timeline area.

 You can also increase/Decrease  the time duration of the annotation from the Timeline area by simply click and drag the annotation border (Red Color Border) . You can also move the annotation entirely from one time frame to another by simply click it in the center and drag.



Add the Link to the Video

You can also add the link to the video by simply check the LINK option available on the Annotation Property Area.


Save & Publish

After all the Adding / Editing of annotation is finished its very important to save the changes you made. Use the save button to save the work done. The viewers will not able to see the annotations you added to the video until you Publish the annotation.

Save – To save the annotation you worked on the video ( it will not display the annotations to the viewers)

Publish – To publish the annotation ( After publish only the viewers will see the annotation you added on the video)

Where to Position the Annotation on the Frame of the Video?

While Positioning the annotation on the video frame make the annotation to be appearing at the corners or top or at the bottom. Don’t make annotations to visible on the Center of the video. It will divert the viewer from the video content.

Maximum Duration for the annotation

Make the annotation to be simple and display for the duration of 5 to 7 seconds. If you make the annotation to display for a long time in the video the viewer will get irritated to see the same text for a long time. so be conscious on adding the annotations to the video.

So readers make the video more presentable with the help of the annotation but always remember in mind, bunch of annotations make viewers annoying. They can disable the annotations by simply turning off in your video. So Keep simple and Clean to present your videos.

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