Fitness Gadgets: Cheaper Than a Gym Membership

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Health and fitness has become the major concern of half of the world’s population and the proportion is increasing day by day due to more awareness and facilitation. The best part is that with the passage of time, the trend of getting health and fitness is also changing. In past, it was quite common to take a membership of any gym and use different machines to shed weight under the instruction of any gym instructor.

Fitness Cycling

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Later on, people started doing workout in their homes. They preferred aerobic exercises to reduce their weight as well as to remain fit. In start, they used internet to get to know about basic and advance aerobic exercises. After this, gadgets became common, which is why nowadays, you will find many people having Kindle e-Book Reader or iPhone in their hands and searching for health tips, fitness techniques, and much more. You will be amazed to know that true fitness conscious people also buy health and fitness themed Kindle covers or iPhone cases to protect their gadgets besides protecting their health. Moreover, there are various other fitness gadgets, which have been released to the market for health and fitness conscious people. Few of the amazing fitness gadgets are as follows:

  • Wii Fit

Wii Fit helps the user in sweating with the help of preloaded workouts including Yoga and strength training modules, which are quite essential to stay fit. To make Wii Fit function, the user will need a console along with a balance board. You can make a purchase this fitness app for just $165 from the market. The best part is that if your friends or family members also have balance board then you can enjoy using this app with 8 other people simultaneously.

  • Larklife

Larklife is a wristband system, which includes one wristband for daytime to monitor the calories burnt in whole day and one wristband for nighttime to track you sleep. This system is available for just $150 and you will get a micro USB charging wire and an AC adaptor with this fitness gadget.

  • Link Armband by BodyMedia Link

It is a tracking armband, which is available with a Bluetooth facility. Using this armband, the user can count the steps he took in a day, calories he burnt, the hours he slept and can sync all of them with his heart rate. The entire system is purchasable for just $150. However, if you do not want to buy this armband then you can also buy BodyMedia app for your iPhone or Android device for just $7.

Why to Buy these Fitness Gadgets?

Now the question that may arise in mind is that why one should buy any of these fitness gadgets. The answer is simple. To make a purchase of any of these gadgets, you have to bear less cost than joining a gym. To join any gym, you have to pay $100 membership fee and at least $70 every month whereas in case of buying any of these gadgets, you will have to bear less and onetime cost.

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