2013: The year of the Android game consoles

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Each year, the technologies market seems abuzz with new and exciting products. Some years, it is the cell phone that grabs the spotlight with new platform options, designs, and forms. In other years, it is the computer. 2013 is shaping up to be a bit different and is looking to be the year of the Android game consoles. Gamers and gaming markets are lighting up with anticipation of some great new editions to the gaming controller and players are ready to break out the money to spend on these new options. Just what is new for Android this year? The following explains more.



GameStick is as small of a device as one may have seen. Ultimately, it is a tiny game console that is the size of a tiny USB drive. Do not let the size fool you in this powerful gaming option. By the makers of the PlayJam gaming platform, this console actually attaches directly to a television through the HDMI connection. Several made-for-Android games are available on the PlayJam gaming networking leaving players with access to popular names like Smash Cops and Dead Trigger. GameStick is not out in its full capacity, yet. Like many other technologies, the funding for this project began on the funding network known as KickStarter. KickStarter pulls resources from those who voluntarily financially support the projects. GameStick is still asking for the funding to move from the current beta testing portion of the game controller. The anticipated cost of each device is estimated seventy-five dollars and has the potential, with the right funding, to make its actual presence on the gaming seen in April or possibly March.




Another gaming option from Android is the OUYA.  Just as with the GameStick, this project found funding on the KickStarter network which debuted the project in July of 2012. Currently, the console developers are shipping out the basic forms of this device which makes it a great early edition to the market, albeit with more advanced features going to be available in the future. The game console itself is small and manageable, roughly the size of a coffee mug with ports that are plugged directly into the television. The Android network is then accessible and the players can use a handheld game controller in order to navigate on the screen. Current models are not stunning to look at but the promises of the future uses are creating much stir and excitement.


GreenThrottle Gaming Console


The goal of the 2013 GreenThrottle Gaming Console is to take the solo world of mobile phone application and gaming and make it a team or interactive activity. Utilizing the television, this console will use the HDMI port to connect a unit to the television. From there, then, Android games will be accessible via a single network and gamers can transport what they love to play on their phone to the big screen. The result will be an opportunity to take favorite Android games and make them more interactive across a network of fellow users or in home competition.

This device will not require a series of complicated wires or advanced television connectors. Instead, it will be simple and easy to use making it another great leap forward for game lovers and technological buffs alike. Further, because of the level of connection with the current Android platform, fan bases already built in to these games are going to enjoy the ability to take them from the small screen to the large and see what true interaction involves in larger scale. Like the other methods of gaming that are new this year, this Android platform from GreenThrottle is already creating a stir, though it is not out in full release yet.

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