Windows Phone 8 Mobile Operating System – In-depth Review

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If you recently picked up the Nokia Lumia 920 or the HTC 8X, then you are the proud owner of one of the latest developments in mobile phone operating systems. Both these beauties come installed with Windows Phone 8, and it’s worth every penny you saved up for the buy.

Windows 8 Phone

Before you go crazy with your latest gizmo, here are a few things that you should know about this OS that is fresh out of the oven.

The Windows Phone 8 difference.

With a cool nickname (Apollo), the OS enters the arena with support for multi-core processors, HD screen resolutions and wireless technologies that are meant for the future.

A crucial milestone in the development of this OS is that it’s been built from scratch, thus making it completely different from the previous versions and pretty similar to the desktop version of Windows 8.

Let’s begin with the Home Screen. You’ll love the tiles that appear on the main screen, making your phone look completely unique. In a bold makeover, Microsoft now gives you more freedom to change the tiles according to your size and color preferences.

Digging deeper, screen resolution and processor options have also been bumped up. You can enjoy 720 p videos and images at 1280×768 (WXGA) on your smartphone, turning it into a high-definition entertainment device.

Heard of Qualcomm’s dual-core snapdragon S4 Plus processor? That’s what allows your high-end smartphone to perform like a star. With a 1.7GHz clock speed, opening loads of apps is not something you need to worry about anymore.

Why is NFC via Windows Phone 8 your best bet?

Another milestone that will help the OS popularity is the addition of near-field communication or NFC. Here’s a rundown of what it’s all about:

  1. NFC for customers allows you to share URLs and read ‘tags’ on items like menus and posters.
  2. Secondly and more importantly, NFC allows users to make mobile payments in a jiffy. The secure SIM card means all your mobile transactions will be safeguarded and easy to carry out.
  3. Last but not the least, Microsoft’s Wallet hub is quite similar to what iOS 6 users know as Passbook. It allows you to store sensitive information such as credit card details.

Small features in Windows Phone 8 that matter

  • Expandable storage options that allow you to carry around as much of your stuff as you want.
  • Over-the-air operating system updates mean no more connecting to your PC for changes.
  • Apps that you got used to on your old phone can still be used on this fresh OS.
  • Once you download the Skype app, VoIP calls will look identical to the calls you receive from other phones.
  • Offline viewing of Nokia Maps is another boost the OS gives your phone.
  • Keeping your Wi-Fi switched on continuously drains your battery quicker than usual. With the Windows Phone 8 OS, Wi-Fi automatically disconnects when your phone is locked. It comes on and checks for updates as soon as you unlock it.

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Android and iOS will be feeling the heat with Windows Phone 8 offering so much to users. However, Microsoft will have to expand its app store if it wants to be taken seriously by global users. For now, this OS is bold and offers a top class smartphone experience.
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