How to Get Start Menu Button back in Windows 8

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Latest and one of the best release by Microsoft is Windows 8 OS. Which comes with the lots of  modifications. Among that Start Menu is the important one. Microsoft changed the entire layout of the start menu used by its previous versions. Windows 8 comes with a Modern UI style start menu, In which all the applications and the installed programs are arranged as a tile all over the screen. Somewhat it seems to be different but make the new users to struggle with that. All the users are familiar with the well arranged and optimized start menu used by the previous version of the windows. There is no option included in the Windows 8 by Microsoft to bring the old start menu which pop-up from the bottom left corner of the desktop. But the third party applications are available to make that happen in the windows 8. Yes you can add the start menu used as in the previous windows OS. Some of the are paid and some are available for free of cost.

1. Start8  for Windows 8: (Paid Version)

  • Start8 is the application which adds the missing feature of the Microsoft, a Start Menu. This is a paid version. Its worthy too.
  • You can add, control and customize the start menu using this app.

start menu application paid version

Features of Start8

  • You can pick up the style of the start menu ( Windows 7  or a Windows 8)
  • You can activate the start menu according to the theme
  • Add the the Custom image for the start Button.
  • Configure the Start Menu by what to display on it.
  • Control the start menu by adding extra features, Event to invoke on a combined key press, etc.

It’s worth to pay $4.99. Free trial of 30 days is also offered you can try the featured start menu on your windows 8.


2. ViStart (Free Version)

ViStrat is the free application available in  the market to add a start button to the windows 8. It is free and simple too. You can’t able to customize the start button on this application.

  • Simply Download the File and Install.
  • While during installation, the application asks you to install other applications in the computer, just Decline the proposals.
  • After Finishing Installation a dialog box appears and ask for the confirmation Just click Next button to make the start button visible on the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  • Now you can access the Start Menu by clicking the Windows Button (Windows Key) or using the mouse as done in Windows 7.
(Windows 8’s Modern UI also Remain there itself , So be careful about clicking the start button using the mouse. It’s better to use the Windows Key.)
Feature of the ViStart.
  • Explore and Open the installed application much faster than before.
  • Shutdown , Restart your PC in a single click
  • Pin the Frequently used Program  to the start menu itself, by right click the program files from the start menu.
Features Not available on ViStart
  • Cant able to Drag Drop from start Menu to create a shortcut of the application on desktop.
  • Customization of Start Menu

Hope these features might be added in future updates.

The process of adding the windows 7 styled start menu on windows 8  is completed and We are not responsible if anything goes wrong, all responsibility belongs to the Developers. Enjoy the Features. If you have any doubts, Kindly drop your queries in the Comment section.

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