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Facebook is a social network having more than one billion live users. Users must register before using the Facebook. After registration you have to create your profile with bundle of your photos, contact information and other personal information. You can also share your photos and thoughts in the Facebook along with your friends and to the Globe. Really Facebook gives people the rights to share and make their thought to be opened all over the world.

Facebook Profile is totally different from the other social networks. It’s very unique and resembles what you are?. As I mentioned above, profile contains all your information along with your photo. Added to that now Facebook introduces an option called “Timeline“. The Timeline is the collection of your photos, informations, experiences which exactly tells your story. The timeline consists of Cover photo, Personal information, Latest updates, Friends list, log of your Facebook activity, life event and so on. From your timeline, others can identify your exact move on Facebook. You can also post, add photos and edit the informations from the Timeline itself. “Cover Photo” a main thing in the Timeline which makes the profile unique.

What is Cover Photo?

Cover Photo is the larger photo visible on the top of the Timeline. Like profile image, Cover Photo is also public which means people who viewing your timeline will be able to see your cover photo and easily recognize who you are and what about. If you want to be unique in your cover its better to choose an image from your memorable moments of your life, such as your birthday, wedding or a party.

How it differs from profile image?

Profile image which is next to your name will be seen by all of your friends just to recognize you. Perhaps the cover photo gives a brief explanation about you and what you are and care about. Even its just like a Showcase.

Size of the Cover Photo?

The default size of the Cover Photo is  815 PX (width)  x 315 PX (height). This size will perfectly fits the cover portion of your timeline. To get faster load time it would be better to have an image file size less than 100 KB. In case of photos, use the  JPEG file format and if your cover photo contains the logo and text then PNG file format results in good quality and quick load time. Don’t upload the photo less than 720 PX width which may get an error. You can’t upload the photo lesser in size if you want to do so . But you can upload the smaller image with higher resolution.

Do’s and Do not’s on the cover :


The Cover is unique one and it may contain the photo of your personal events, favorite person, an album, people using your product, logo and so on. Your fans responds to the cover photo depends on how much you are creative and experiment with the image you uploaded.

Do not’s 

  • The cover must not contain the image with price and purchase information and contact informations already preset in the profile which lead the fans towards your page.
  • Must not contain any interface elements such as LIKE, SHARE and any other Facebook site features.
  • Must not contain the words of the auction of any product.

Simply the cover image must resemble you alone and not any other products or offers or facilities available on the commercial market.

How to choose a Cover Photo ?

Someone got a freeze on choosing a correct cover. Be relax on choosing the cover photo.

Choose the cover photo of

  • You and your business and how you’re successful in that
  • Field you are talented
  • Your achievements
  • Your passion
These types of images makes you successful among your friends. Most of the people use the cover image to express their talents and achievements to others. If you need not to go with the photo editing software select the photos of you engaged in some activities with your friends or at the work place or else use the photo editing software. Little knowledge of photo editing is enough to create a nice and quality cover image. You can add a word to the image but remember “No auction “, ” No call for” & “No price and purchase” details.

Add a Cover Photo to Facebook

  • Go to the Timeline 
  • Click on Add a Cover
  • Choose the image from the existing album or upload a new image (image must be atleast 720 PX width)
  • If you need to reposition it then simply click and drag the image to the required position.
  • Finally click on Save.

Edit a Cover Photo

At any time you can edit, change or remove the cover photo. To edit

  • Go to the Timeline
  • Hover over  the Cover
  • Click on Change Cover. (A drop down menu appears with the option, select the required one from that)

                                    Choose from Photos – Changes the cover image by selecting the existing photo in the album
                                    Upload Photo – Changes the cover image by uploading a new photo from the computer
                                    Reposition – Moves the Cover image to the appropriate position
                                    Remove – Removes the cover image from the Timeline

  • At last Save the changes you made.
If you are feeling lazy to design your covers then here is the way. There are plenty of pre-designed Facebook covers available on the web. Better you can download from that. Huge collection of Facebook covers categorized and ready for the download. Some of the websites are:
If you are not satisfied with the pre-designed covers you can make it by your own using the apps.
Facebook Cover Designer app for the MAC, iPhone, iPad.
Number of applications are found on the web to create and customize the Cover of the Facebook.
If you have knowledge about photo editing then it sounds good to make a quality and an awesome cover by your own.

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