Cell Phone Tracking Apps; Revolutionizing Parenting & Businesses

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Cell phone tracking is not a new concept; the law enforcement agencies use it all the time to track the movements of felons and potential “threats”. But besides combating the subversive elements of the society,cell phone tracking has the potential to revolutionize parenting and business practices. With children having greater access to smartphones, their parents find it hard to monitor their access to information and track their movements effectively. The same goes for businesses, smartphones have allowed employees to work while being on the move. This in turn has led to the collapse of employee monitoring, with employers having no idea where their employees are. As a result parents and business owners have started to use cell phone tracking apps like StealthGenie.


StealthGenie is compatible with a range of smartphone operating systems. Here is a list of compatible operating systems:

· BlackBerry OS 4.6 till 7.0

· Android OS 2.1 till 4.0

· iOS 4.0 and 5.0

Cell Phone Tracking

StealthGenie optimizes cell phone tracking. All you need to do is to install the app and let StealthGenie do the rest. The app uses the target phone’s own GPS tracker to tell you the location of the target phone. To view the current location of the target phone, access StealthGenie’s Geo Location feature. You can also view the phone’s location history through StealthGenie’s Geo Tracker feature.

StealthGenie and Monitoring

Not only does StealthGenie optimize cell phone monitoring, but it also offers you tons of functions designed to maximize cell phone monitoring. Here is a list of some of these functions:

  • StealthGenie allows you to record the incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone. The calls are then uploaded to your account on StealthGenie’s website. From there you can download and listen to them.
  • A very useful feature of StealthGenie is its ability to give the user access to the content of the SMS messages sent and received by the target phone.
  • StealthGenie gives you access to the call logs of the target phone. You can view details such as the call duration and time/date stamps.
  • StealthGenie even gives you access to the chat conversations conducted over chat services like BBM and Google Talk.
  • The app further allows you to monitor the data content stored in the phone. You have access to pictures, video and music files stored in the target phone.
  • By giving you access to the target phone’s web browser history and bookmarks, StealthGenie allows you to monitor its internet usage.
  • Finally, StealthGenie gives you the ability to record the live surroundings of the target phone. You can activate this feature by sending an SMS command to the target phone.

In the end let’s take a look at the pricing policy of StealthGenie. StealthGenie’s basic package is priced at eight dollars a month, its gold package at thirteen dollars a month and premium package is priced at sixteen dollars a month. This makes StealthGenie highly affordable for all types of users. The immense monitoring potential of this particular cell phone tracking app makes it a very valuable app to have.

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