Macware MacFlux 3 : Web Design App For Mac OS With Features Galore

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There is no dearth of web design apps for web development professionals. Notably, the number is higher for Windows users but the Mac based developers have quite a few options. The quality web solutions that use Macintosh setups can have better options than Apple’s own iWeb for designing professional and feature rich websites.

MacFlux 3.1.4 made by Macware is better suited for those web design professionals who prefer HTML5 and XHTML for making the client sites. The app is intuitive and features a WYSIWYG layout. Its powerful CSS handling capabilities give even the newbie Website designers the chance to make stunning websites without requiring much time.

Website designers will spend most of the time making sites in this app between its two interfaces namely the Page Editor and Site Manager. The former interface lets the designers create new projects and add CSS and HTML files. Thereafter, they can publish the website to MobileMe, a regional folder. Developers can make use of the Finder feature in OS X for importing media elements like images and videos for the projects.

If a web designer has a project made in another app he can import it into MacFlux. Web designers can also make use of the 19 in built templates offered with this app. MacFlux gives the opportunity to the designers to create various types of websites including CMS based sites. In this app the web pages are created in the Page Editor. The HTML code in a page can be edited in a pane which is resizable. A toolbar toggling between visual cues and interactive elements aid the design process. There are 6 optional layouts which can be used for body elements, footer and header. The templates offered wit this app are not a lot though.

Mac Flux

With this app’s Inspector palette hire a web designer can control attributes like size, colour and position with ease. The edits performed can be undone using the History feature. With MacFlux’s library of CSS, JavaScript and HTML widgets making funky looking websites is not hard at all. It is possible to add dynamic photo galleries and flashy buttons in sites with this app. The pages can be previewed while they are made in the apps’ Preview mode or Mac web browser. Those designers who want to be more creative can make use of the Google Font directory.

Despite being loaded with innovative features and having an easier learning curve than many other web design apps, MacFlux cannot be recommend for all levels of web design professionals. Particularly the designers who are new to Mac or web design itself will find using certain features a tad difficult. The app should have been provided with an extensive help file and documentation for new users. There is a tutorial and overview of its features but it falls short of requirement. Competing Mac and Windows based web design apps come with better Help files. However, the web designers who want something more feature rich and powerful than iWeb can opt for this app.

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