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There are plethora of sites on the internet that will help you in downloading a lot of free stuffs and files. But finding your required file from that big heap of files is like finding a needle in the heap of hay. At times, you will download some file related to what you wanted but finding the exact content is a bit hefty task. To find exactly what you are looking for you should be knowing about the place you are searching for your file. These sources must be trust-able and of course secure. In this post we will tell you about two such sites that will help you in finding the stuff you were looking for.

General Files

General Files is a huge files repository. It provides the files which are available for free download and you can download any of them literally anytime. Finding is as simple as just typing the search term in the search box and you will get what you want. Maybe you are looking for some eBook named “Blogging and All”, just enter Blogging and All and hit the search button and all the files that match the name of the file you have entered are shown. they are organized in a way that you can find what you were looking for easily. You will be presented with a list of all the files with that name and all the similar types of the file. Any file with that name will be displayed on your list. is a very good file search engine on the internet.

General Catalog

General Catalog is basically an better version of files search engine. allows you to filter your searches by using different criteria. For example, if you are looking for the same eBook, Blogging and All, you can go to the catalog, or directory, of the eBook on the site and search the content you are finding. General Catalog assures you of better search results. Not only eBooks, but you can use the service to find your favorite software, music and games as well. So, go now and try the free software directory today.


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Author : Ujjwal Kumar.

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