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Launched in 2010, is a vibrant, youthful and comprehensive technology Blog. Today, it has evolved into an online community where everyone be it a novice, tech enthusiast, tech expert come together to share their experiences and exchange views on anything and everything related to technology. has become an information bank for several subscribers with more than 50000 visitors every month since Oct 2010 and our Alexa Rank is 88,000 worldwide.

This huge traffic of active visitors presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers and advertisers to engage the online community in a meaningful interaction with their brands.

Price details of the Ad Boxes:

As per our traffic and visitors we decided to charge very low price for ads.

1. 125 x 125 Ad box (sidebar) – $10/month

2. 468 x 60 Banner Ad (Header) – $15/Month

3. 300×250 Ad box(Sidebar) – 15$/Month

Discount on bulk booking:

1. 125 x125 Ad box

  • 10$  per slot  on per month basis
  • 20$  per slot on  per 3 months basis
  • 30$ per slot on per 4 months basis
  • 40$ per slot  on  per 6 months basis

2. 468 x 60 Banner Ad and 250 x 250 Ad box

  • 15$  per slot  on per month basis
  • 30$  per slot on  per 3 months basis
  • 40$ per slot on per 4 months basis

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