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There are many extensions available on the Chrome Webstore to make your YouTube experience better but practically it’s not recommended to install 5+ extensions (performance issues) and that’s why I recommend you to try iTube!

iTube is a 3-in-one Chrome extension i.e. it does the work of 3 extensions! It’s a must have for YouTube junkies!

Let’s take a look at its features –


We all like HD videos, don’t we? So if you’re really lazy to turn on HD every time you watch a video then this feature is for you! You can choose the quality from 240P to 4K, ideal would be 720P, but if you’re having a really high-speed connection then you can try 4K. With Auto Size, you can switch between small and big video players automatically

Auto Replay

Lets you play your favorite video over and over again! Just click the Auto replay button (beside subscribe button), you can set the number of times it should play. It’s ideal for Short videos and Songs. It would be even better if it could replay YouTube playlists because many music junkies create their own playlists.

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Auto Scroll

It has always been frustrating for me to scroll in YouTube because sometimes because sometimes I wasn’t able to see the progress bar and sometimes the subscribe button wasn’t visible! Auto scroll can get rid of this, it scrolls just above the progress bar so you can have complete view of the video player. If you have scrolled to the bottom of the page then, just press enter to get back to the same place.

Auto Pause

This is not a significant feature but for all those VLC media player addicts, this can be a valuable one!

Download iTube for Chrome

So what are you waiting for? Clean your extensions list and install iTube, I bet it would considerably increase your browser performance too!

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