Google introduces Site Blocking in Search

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Google Introduced Block Sites in searchGoogle has introduced a feature that allows users to permanently block sites they don’t want to see. Yes, We most search the internet through the largest search engine GOOGLE. While we searching we get appropriate websites which is not we need. Now Google is giving us a way to block these sites from future search results. If you’re using Chrome 9+, IE8+ or Firefox 3.5+, you’ll start seeing on a new option next to “cached” below a search result: “Block all results“. A click on this will prevent that page from appearing again for you. Google said that it is adding the feature to give users greater control over search results and a more “personalised and enjoyable experience”.



Once users block a domain, they won’t see it in future search results, instead seeing a message telling them that relevant results have been blocked. Users will be able to edit and change their list of blocked sites via a new settings page. The new feature is available to all English language searches on Other languages and domain extensions are presently being rolled out and will be available soon.

Read all about it on theOfficial Google Blog.

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