Get Domain for Free

Now a days all are using Blogger, Posterous, WordPress, tumblr for their blog. These blogging services are free. they giving you the sub domain from their service. Example:
Jinuem is Sub Domain and Posterous is the original Domain.

Ok.. Now lets go for the topic. Domain is Free?. Yes of course. have you heard about Dot.Tk?. Now a days most people getting their .TK domain as free for their blog or website and many more. You can short done the long url to real domain as

First of all just go to and insert your Blog url or Website url and click next and Choose your Domain name and Click next. that all you will get
This service is totally free*

My personal blog is now under .Tk domain

Rename all your Myspace profiles, Youtube movies, Blogspot pages or Flickr pages. You can rename all long URLs into a real domain name for free!

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