Starters guide for Business Blogs

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For starters your company should consider reserving a domain name for the blog. Personally the place I work for we are at this level getting our blog up. We have gone in with WordPress and integrated it with our website. Setting up blog requires a bit more technical knowledge. Many hosting providers offer a 1 step easy setup for blogs that will automatically install WordPress for you. It is quick and easy. Once you ready create login credentials for all your employees and viola you ready to rock.

Once you’ve decided to start or scale up your business blog, the biggest question is how do you build an audience for it? It all starts with great content. Right great CONTENT. Decide on a focus for your blog, and write awesome content that people will enjoy. To begin with it’s OK to draw inspiration from other blogs, articles even for that matter your competitors. The idea is to get started, get the ball rolling in your organization. Initiatives like this are very hard to push among employees who are used to daily chores at work. Moreover, many employees are sheer ignorant of benefits of participating in Social Media  (SM) activities both from macro and micro level ( Will write more on how employees can add value through active SM participation however, that’s for another day ).

Another major factor is building a thriving a business blog is involvement of top management. I would like to highlight that “change” has to be top-down and that applies to blogging as well. Many organizations simply start believing that by hiring a person to oversee marketing activities and creating tools would give results. Sadly it isn’t true especially with Social Media initiatives (Blogging in our case). The initial thrust has to come from top management which could be in form of active participation in blogging or bringing in Policy level changes to make blogging mandatory or attaching points on appraisal.

A blog requires a long term investment of time and resources and then you can hope of seeing ROI. So get started first and then analyze the rest.

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